Ben Nevis Visitor Centre

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For the vast majority of people looking to climb Ben Nevis, the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre marks the starting point of their journey to the summit. The visitor centre contains a lot of information and useful resources for climbing up the mountain. Touch screens, quizzes and short films are made available at no cost, to give you some information about the mountain you’re about to climb.

One of the more important reasons to visit the centre is to check the weather, as this is provided inside. The weather on Ben Nevis can vary drastically, so it’s vital that you check this before setting out on your climb as it can be dangerous on the mountain.

The visitor centre is staffed during opening hours. The staff are happy to help with any queries you may have, including any questions about the walk up Ben Nevis and other walks in the Glen Nevis area.


There are toilets located at the Ben Nevis visitor centre. The toilets are not accessible 24/7 but rather operate on automated timers, that match the opening hours of the visitor centre. The hours are currently 08:00 – 16:00. When the visitor centre is closed, so are the toilets.

Does the visitor centre have parking?

Yes, there is parking located directly next to the visitor centre. The car parking at this location holds approximately 120 vehicles. Parking is pay and display with the option to pay £2 for an hour or £8 (including VAT) to park for the whole day.

What is the full address of the visitor centre?

Ben Nevis Visitor Centre
Glen Nevis
Fort William
PH33 6PF

When did the visitor centre first open?

The Ben Nevis visitor centre was opened to the public in 1993 when it was named the Glen Nevis visitor centre. In 2017, the visitor centre went under a major refurbishment to make the centre more modern and meet the standards that a true tourist destination should hold.

Are the Glen Nevis and Ben Nevis Visitor Centre, the same?

The Ben Nevis visitor centre used to be called the Glen Nevis visitor centre. In 2015, there was a ‘Nevis Visitor Interpretation Strategy’ that decided that the visitor centre should be renamed from the Glen Nevis visitor centre to the Ben Nevis visitor centre, so it would encompass the whole of Nevis, both Ben and Glen.

A lot of websites still reference it as the Glen Nevis visitor centre, which is technically incorrect.

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