Ben Nevis

Get your climbing boots on and join over 150,000 people that attempt to climb Ben Nevis every year. 

Welcome to Ben Nevis

Welcome to Ben Nevis, the largest mountain in the British Isles. Every year, over 150,000 people from all over the world, make their attempt to climb to the top and summit this majestic mountain. With the summit being 1,345m above sea level, it’s a climb that will test your abilities, strength and endurance. Before attempting your summit, we highly recommend you visit our Ben Nevis Weather page along with learning about the different parking options, to aid with your climb. 


We cover the different locations that you can park your car near Ben Nevis.


Looking for somewhere to stay during your visit near Ben Nevis? Here are some accommodation offerings.


The weather on Ben Nevis can rapidly change. We recommend checking the weather before attempting your ascent. 

What People Say About Ben Nevis

Hear from people that have already climbed the UK’s tallest mountain. Reach out to us if you’d like to add your thoughts!

This is an exceptional hike. The views are fantastic.


It was an amazing experience although I found it brutal!


The feeling of completing Ben Nevis is something incomparable to anything.



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