Oor Wullie Reaches Ben Nevis Summit

Seeing large groups of people trekking their way up to the summit of Ben Nevis isn’t an unusual sight. 13 people carrying a large and heavy load covered up on a stretcher, however, is not as common. These 13 people were seen carrying a 5ft sculpture up to the summon as part of a charity […]

Ben Nevis Summit

The peak of Ben Nevis is an outcome of a long-extinct volcano comprising of an extensive stony plateau with an average of 100 acres. At the top of the Summit, there is a unique substantial built cairn which is approximately 10 feet high at which the ordnance survey trig point sits. In case of bad […]


We often have people contact us with general questions they need answering. We’ve compiled some of the most popular questions and answered them.

Ben Nevis Visitor Centre

For the vast majority of people looking to climb Ben Nevis, the Ben Nevis Visitor Centre marks the starting point of their journey to the summit. The visitor centre contains a lot of information and useful resources for climbing up the mountain.

Video: The Night I Almost Died on Ben Nevis

George Maier, like a lot of people, decided to visit the Scottish Highlands around Ben Nevis. His plan was to spend 2-3 days wild camping and exploring, making videos and taking photographs of the beautiful landscapes that surround the area. Something tens of thousands of people do every year. This wild camping trip, unfortunately, took […]


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