Ben Nevis Deaths

Despite being famed for its beautiful views and being visited by over 150,000 visitors a year,  one fact can not be avoided. Ben Nevis at times, is a dangerous place. This mountain has its own living breathing environment, which should never be taken for granted. 

Since 1849 there have been over 100 fatalities that have been recorded. 

The number of fatalities could be higher than those that are known, as there may be lone climbers that were never reported as lost on the mountain. This is one reason why we never suggest ascending the mountain on your own, at least letting friends or family members know about your planned climb.

Ben Nevis Deaths

Year Deaths
2023 1
2022 NA
2020 NA
2019 3
2018 3
2017 7
2016 6

How Are These Deaths Happening?

Most deaths on Ben Nevis happen from either people getting caught in avalanches, people climbing the risker parts of Ben Nevis such as its North Face, which tends to attract rock climbers or people getting lost in bad weather and falling down steep edges/cliff faces.

It’s rather rare for people to die climbing the ‘tourist route’ unless they’ve wandered off the main path by accident.