Video: The Night I Almost Died on Ben Nevis

Rhys Davies 3 March 2023

George Maier, like a lot of people, decided to visit the Scottish Highlands around Ben Nevis. His plan was to spend 2-3 days wild camping and exploring, making videos and taking photographs of the beautiful landscapes that surround the area. Something tens of thousands of people do every year.

This wild camping trip, unfortunately, took a turn for the worse when a storm hit Ben Nevis while George was upon the mountain and settling down for the evening. He had made the preparations he needed, checked the weather before climbing and was carrying all the required equipment, including a tent that was built for expedition use.

What he didn’t predict was how quickly the weather on Ben Nevis can change. The above is his story about what happened that evening.

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  1. John Casebourne
    31 December 2023

    Hi George. Who was the lucky one? If you did the trip again what tent would you choose? John.

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